Print Signage and Bookmarks

Please note that the signage and bookmark links reflect what is currently in our database. When new hours are entered and approved, an update notice will be sent to staff to print new materials.

For best print results, please adjust your print settings to:

  • Turn off headers and footers
      In Firefox:
    1. From the File menu, select Page Setup
    2. Select the tab Margins & Header/Footer
    3. Select "blank" in each of the 6 drop-down options
  • Set print margins to 0.3" for Signage
  • Use Landscape orientation

For 2-sided printing of bookmarks, please also:

  • Use Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Set print margin to 0" for top and bottom, 0.5" for left and right
  • Select 2-sided printing with the "flip" or "binding" on the short edge



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